My boss tells me to focus on the positives,
but I don’t give a fuck, I wonder what he gives?
My third job in four years but its just the same-
I’m depressed and bored; it is such a shame.
My bright ideas ignored, my talent wasted.
It’s all about he said, she said, they said.
Nobody takes control, accept responsibility,
Just pass the buck of eternal mediocrity.
Maybe this is just the doomed lot I live
But mum always told me focus on the positive.


Not my best writing, but something I wanted to try an experiment with a different writing style. Don’t worry if random poetry is not your thing because it appears that it’s not really my thing either. Next post will be back to more regular style.

A little side note though; It was mother’s day on Sunday. I hope you all gave your mums some big hugs and kisses. My mum has been dead for a while now (which incidentally is what made it easier for me to take on a new identity) but her influence is still strongly in my life, especially the idea of focusing on the positives. Whenever I get too caught up overthinking myself or my life I remember all the pain she went through and still managed to smile and be positive.

Focus on the positive.






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