Hi, I am Jack Brumby

I thought I was becoming a spy.
Instead they made me a data analyst.
Now I am going to be a writer.

I shit you not. I actually embarked on the long and arduous process of attempting to become a secret intelligence officer for the Australian government, only to end up as a run-of-the-mill data analyst.

Ok, not quite run-of-the-mill. I’m still theoretically working as an intelligence officer but my placement is in a junior role within a local government department. I say theoretically because it’s boring as fuck and I cannot even remember the last time anyone in head office wanted to hear my status report.

I feel like a Russian sleeper agent left in the dark from the cold war, disconnected and isolated from the home land. Except at least the Russians felt like they were still conducting useful missions. I’m left here ‘running the numbers’ over and and over to help some politicians spin the need for more coal mines.

But I digress. You want to know some more about me? Well I cannot tell you everything because otherwise I’d have to kill you…well not quite, but I could get in to a lot of trouble if anyone found me out for writing this so I need to keep some mystery.

Jack Brumby Facts

Here are the facts that I can share with you:

  • I am living in beautiful Brisbane
  • I am in my mid 20s (no I am not giving you my birth date, or even birth year)
  • I am single

I don’t think there is much more to tell. No, that’s not true. There is a shitload more to tell but not just about me in cold hard fact form. The rest will come out in regaled story form, delivered from my keyboard as anecdotes, jibes, and fun recounts whenever I see fit. Or on twitter for when I;m truly bored and the mood strikes me.

Want more? Tell me.

I’m new to all this. The writing, the blogging, the online identity. It’s a foreign concept so I’m bound to get it wrong, tell too much in one area and omit too much in another. The best way to help is to tell me what you want to know. I promise that, if I can tell you, I will.

You can email me or tweet me. Or you can be a rude prick and just grumble at me through your laptop but never actually tell me what I’m doing wrong.